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At Quality Floor Finishers, we offer on site Ultraviolet (UV) Curing. Weather its residential or commercial we are your trusted source for Sunfinish UV finishing. True to our value of maintaining the most effective and most current technologies we became one of the first companies to begin using onsite curing technology. We were the first company in Maine to offer the UV finishing. Currently Quality Floor Finishers has UV finished more square footage than any other company in the U.S. We have mastered the technical and fine art of UV floor finishing. We have worked directly with the Sunfinish to develop many of the practices for UV finishing that are used by contractors across the U.S. We receive many calls each week from contractors throughout the U.S. for consultation on the use of UV finishing. As pioneers in this field we feel confident that we can meet your needs. Let us put our experience to work for you. Contact us for your quote today.

Residential and Commercial use

     Quality Floor Finishers can come to your home or business and in one day or night, buff and recoat your hardwood floors using SunFinish UV technology. Business owners, you can be open the very next day with 100% cured floors with no odor and a beautiful finish that is up to two to three times harder than any finish on the market and almost twice as hard as the finish on pre-finished flooring.

Protect your investment

     The benefits of UV curing is huge—no more needing to close for several days, no worrying about odors or if your floors are hard enough for customer traffic to walk on. Conventional finishes can take up to thirty days to cure fully—by this time, the floors have been scratched and worn quite extensively. 

Why use SUNFINISH UV cured finish on your floors?

     Ultraviolet (UV) technology has been used for years by hardwood manufacturers to cure finishes in the factory. In fact, most prefinished hardwood is made using this technology.SunFinish UV Finish utilizes the same technology to immediately cure the finish on the job site, in your home, office or sport flooring. The benefits are clear: your newly refinished floor is ready for traffic immediately! No more waiting one day to move the furniture back in, or up to a week before you can put back the rug. Using UV  Finish your floor is ready in seconds! UV Finish truly is a game changer in the refinishing industry. Using revolutionary Ultraviolet Curing technology, the UV Finish is exposed to high levels of UV light, creating a photochemical reaction and cross-linking process (initiated by Photo Initiators in the finish) that hardens (cures) the liquid finish INSTANTLY! In addition, because the finish is cured immediately, there are zero VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making  the most eco-friendly solution in the industry. A measure of less than 250/mg is considered Low VOC or eco-friendly. A traditional oil-based finish contains up to 500mg of harmful VOCs.

The unique 100% water-borne finish, together with a revolutionary mix of technologies, results in a finish that is:

  • Harder – UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for hardness(90/100 for Rocker Hardness, versus 64/100 for most pre-finished hardwood floor and 50/100 for a traditional site-finished hardwood floor);
  • More Protected – UV Finish rates higher for scratch, scuff and Black Heel Mark resistance than any other finish, scoring almost twice as high as pre-finished hardwood;
  • More Durable – UV Finish will last 2-3 times longer than any other finish, meaning you don’t have to refinish your floors again for a long time;
  • More Stain Resistant – UV Finish rates higher than any other finish for chemical resistance, meaning it will perform better in protecting against stain.
  • Restaurants – we come in after you close and your floors are completed and ready before you re-open no smell and 100% CURED.
  • Residential – We have services available to move and reset your furniture Immediately after floors are cured.
  • Commercial Retail – Overnight refinishing. Significantly lowers Maintenance Costs.NO DOWNTIME!
  • Sport Flooring – Refinish today and play ball tonight!

     If you would like to schedule an appointment for an estimate and a test sample on your floor, we would be happy to discuss the process with you. In some cases, the floors may be too far worn and may have to be re-sanded and finished—a service we offer. This procedure can be done with the UV-cured finish as well for a hard, durable finish.